Pacific Trading USA | Region – OR
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5 Hermiston <Production Area>
Alfalfa Baled Hay
Fescue Grass Straw,
Rye Grass Straw


6 Portland <Sea Port>
Main Sea Port in West Coast ,
Main loading port for Hay and Straw from Southern,
Oregon, Eastern Oregon,
Some shipments delivered from Port of Umatilla and Port of Pasco by Barge Ship through Colombia River


7 Salem <Production Area>
Main Production Area for Straw,
The capital of Oregon State,
There are 12 – 15 Compressors for Hay and Straw,
Main Production Items, Fescue Grass Straw
Orchard Grass Straw,Rye Grass Straw,
Bent Grass Straw


8 Bend <Production Area>
Alfalfa Baled Hay,
Fescue Grass Straw
Rye Grass Straw


9 Klamath Falls <Production Area>
Alfalfa Baled Hay

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